What is a Credit Card Dump? How to use?

We can say that in the event that the holder of the financial instrument is not easily aware of what is a Credit Card Dump? How to use? But when the statement arrives; When I reviewed it, I noticed some expenses that he did not realize and he learned that the security of his credit card has been violated and cloned by cyber criminals, specialized in this type of fraud.

Undoubtedly the organized gangs do not rely on practicing these operations every day and for that reason financial institutions in conjunction with the police authorities make agreements and overcome obstacles in the fight to end this activity that causes so much damage to businesses, as well as the economy of a person, who suddenly is unknowingly incurred in this dangerous business.

One of the most expeditious ways that organized crime to carry out this fraudulent operation, is based on copying the die-cut data and those of the magnetic stripe on the card where the information about the movements of the client is found, and once with these data in hand they are dedicated to making a new plastic to empty all the information collected to start buying important things like laptops, perfumes and any other type of clothing or jewelry.

Dump of credit card

The institutions responsible for providing credit cards have seen the need to improve their anti-fraud systems but it gives the impression that organized crime is working at full speed to overcome the pitfalls that can ruin their criminal activity; so we have as a security method the use of the chip, which seems to have already been surpassed and the bank only sends you an SMS where it tells you that if you do not agree, do not recognize the expense.

Well, the thing is that according to extra official information, the latest generation technology brought to market the ultra-modern credit cards with the contactless modality that supposedly facilitates commercial transactions because the data is crossed via wireless between the cardholder and the merchant that is closing the transaction, without the need to provide numbers or codes at the point of sale.

We have to say you that is where we comment on the cunning of crime, when we learned a few days after the release of such new credit instruments; It was already being offered online for the modest price of about $ 4, the data copiers that also use the radio frequency system, which of course in the places of large crowds of people like in the football stadium, just keeping on the data fisherman, he will copy them.

How to use a credit card dump?

Well, The criminal organizations are based on the theory of the criminal attitude of certain people to offer lots of hacked cards in order to go buy certain items for sale on the black market at attractive prices, as well as pay bills in restaurants, jewelry stores and prestigious perfumeries, where those who access these places are supposed to be clients with sufficient economic solvency.

Of course that those who are involved in this world of cyber criminals should enjoy good health, dress appropriately and more or less know how to travel in what is considered the Jet Set of fashion and how to develop in this activity without raising suspicion or another things  for what is usually sought personal profiles that characterize top executives of transnational companies to rub shoulders with government people, public and private banks and insurers.

How do criminals succeed in credit card issues?

We estimated that the number of cloned cards that roll freely in the world is of an unimaginable quantity and in this particular come into play other actors of significant importance, because when you receive your credit card the issuing bank has the option to offer insurance in the case of death or
loss of knowledge of the cardholder and that card has gone to other hands with ideas not in harmony with morals and good manners known.

It has also been known cases where road accidents of some importance with death and injury balance first arrive at the site of the so-called vultures, that before any authority comes to put order, the first thing they do is to rob the dead and injured removing wallets with important documents such as credit cards and identification that will be used maliciously to commit fraud with false identities.

Is the personal data in a credit card dump?

All the digits that appear on your credit card have a definite explanation and it is the case that if these numbers are taken into account, they will indicate in the first instance all the information referred to that since 1989 the numerations are unambiguously accepted to the ISO / IEC 7812 standard, which consists of specific points that validate the positions and meanings that appear on the credit card.

The data observed both on the front and on the back of the card are different and give the user some exclusivity although the most important of them is the number of the card itself because of the information load it contains, but they do not to obviate another large amount of very relevant data, which we will comment below and which are the following:

  1. In first case, the name of the credit or financial institution that issues the card.
  2. The chip that is a small receiver that increases the speed and security at the time of purchase. This important detail is on the left side of the card but should not be mistreated for any reasons, under penalty of the point of sale cannot copy the information content.
  3. Following, The PAN number or number of the personal account that has been the same card number and that consists of sixteen digits and is located in the central part of credit card.
  4. Other sing, the expiration date of the credit card, due to its relevance, means that it is very important and is located below the number of the card. This date is consequently located below the number of the card and it is very common that it is usually requested when purchases are made online way.
  5. Because it is personal and non-transferable data, the name must be included in the front of the card according to the identity document.
  6. Among the most renowned brands of credit cards are MASTER CARD, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DINER CLUB representative names that should appear in the lower right corner and parallel with the brand logo. But we can´t forget that there are other much credit cards in several countries.

How to protect yourself from a credit card dump?

According to the security information that is usually published in specialized magazines, not for that reason we are going to lower our guard and for that reason we must be very careful not to lose sight of the card when we make a payment, although now it has been detected as a custom that the point of sale is placed at a distance inaccessible to the cardholder who has to shout his data to the seller or collector.

On more than one occasion, they tell you that the point did not happen, that the chip was not recognized and in most cases of low-speed Internet countries, very anomalous situations occur which, from every point of view, attempt against your economic integrity when 30 days later you notice some charges that were not made by you, and when you eventually get it right the negotiation could not be done because the Host does not answer.

What impact can credit card issues have on the global economy?

Undoubtedly that the scoundrels disguise themselves with anything to be able to commit their outrages, so they can appear on the scene pretending to be successful businessmen with intergovernmental relations worldwide, in the same way they recount excellent and exotic public places where they show a wealth that they do not possess but that captivates a great amount of unwary, that with the passage of time they realize that they have been scammed.

For many reasons, the global economy suffers from the avalanche of fraudsters who travel the planet using corporate cards that do not require more identification and that only present them open the doors of any business at an international level, than when they present their receipts to the bank so that the entity cancel the sale, they are ungratefully surprised that the debt is not recognized by the financial institution.

Where can you buy credit cards?

The thing is that thanks to the computer and mass use of the Internet, criminal organizations use all kinds of gadgets to achieve their goals and commercial ads appear offering data fishermen to subtract the information from contactless credit cards at very attractive prices. They also offer deepweb credit cards that have been stolen, hacked or cloned before the astonished gaze of the authorities who are faced with a problem that suddenly appeared to stay.

The police authorities and also the banking authorities meet in different forums to express their experiences and try to find a solution to such a serious problem, but that can be expected if in the black market of many countries they offer credit cards with available balance for consumption for derisory sums of money that what they do is increase the pressure on the illegal activity.

Main uses of credit card issues

If we start from the basis that any business that is done with a fraudulent credit card represents a crime, undoubtedly this poses a high risk to the holder of those cards, so we have no doubt that as well as organized criminals do not rest trying to harm the community that is considered  very honest  and police officers are day and night trying to stop these criminals.

Cyber ​​criminals are very optimistic about the appearance of contactless cards that will allow them to use them using sophisticated information fishermen thanks to the wireless communication required for this system to work properly, but as we said and commented on some of the previous paragraphs are already offered on the internet these versatile devices that only seek to disrupt economic activities.

It is convenient when you intend to request cash through our credit card at an ATM, make sure to delete all information that can be obtained through data cards, so we recommend before withdrawing from the ATM, and clean all information that may be susceptible to alleged fraud, since this criminal activity has been adding fraud daily throughout the world.

Some tips to protect our cards

It is very convenient to take into account certain provisions when using our credit cards in order to avoid fraudulent use and therefore it is good to take into account some advice as in any case the following:

1.- We must avoid portals that are not safe and we must also note that the url address starts with https: // and also a green symbol should appear in the form of a padlock.

2.- Do not provide our economic data, much less personal data, unless we are totally sure that the required information comes from our financial institution.

3.- When making purchases in commercial establishments with a lot of pedestrian circulation, we cannot lose sight of our credit card for any reason.

4.- When withdrawing money from ATMs, we must make sure that it is not tampered with in any way.

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