Use the Citizen credit card

The Citizens Bank offers its customers the possibility of obtaining credit cards. Where your mobile banking services provide access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In all your accounts through any device. This offers the possibility of comfortably paying your bills, checking your balances, making transfers, depositing checks among many other benefits. The advantages it offers will make the client decide whether to use the Citizen Credit Card. The financial entity responsible for this product is the First Citizen Bank.

Use the Citizen credit card

Among the most important rewards offered by the Citizen credit card, are the following:

  • Earn up to one point for every dollar spent on qualified purchases (gross retailers minus any refund or credit).
  • Offers many exchange options, such as cash back, gift or digital cards, merchandise, travel, among others.
  • Annual fees are not canceled.

There is a monthly limit of 10,000 points, and they have a maturity of 3 years. Winning the rewards is easy, instead of exchanging them, it’s not that easy.

The winnings must be withdrawn in multiples of $ 25. For example, if you have won $ 80 in rewards, you will have to wait until you have earned another $ 20 to withdraw $ 100, or withdraw $ 75 and then wait to accumulate enough to return to collect.

The point is that you cannot access all those rewards whenever you want. This is where this minimum exchange rule is disconcerting. Your rewards can be deposited into your personal, savings or money market checking account, or as a credit statement on your card.

It is one thing to have a minimum if you withdraw at an ATM, but when it comes to a bank deposit or a statement credit, it is difficult to see the point of a minimum exchange. It may not be a decisive factor, since many cards have minimum exchanges, but 1.8 % of the cards listed.

Can I speed up the profits of the Citizen credit card?

At some point, the Citizen Credit Card offered a 1.5 % refund with the possibility of increasing it to 1.8 %. Depending on the use of the rewards and the frequency with which you use the product. In August 2018, Citizens Bank decided to simplify transactions and take 1.8 % as a base for each purchase.

This card offers you exclusive travel experiences and the possibility of redemption for cash reimbursement. In addition, rewards can be received as gift cards and also digital. For a limited time, no type of introductory annual fee will be canceled during the first year, and finally, there are no profit limits or points at any time. You can also receive, unlimited money reimbursement.

Receive cash back easily with the citizen credit card

Use the Citizen Credit Card and get 1 % cash back for every dollar placed on qualified purchases. You can also make simple fees to be able to reimburse in cash. Among them, account statements or direct deposits in your checking or savings account of First Citizen Bank. At the same time, we do not have a three-year expiration.

A lower APR is perceived. This card does not have an annual charge for customers. On the other hand, the procedures are simple and direct, accessible to all users. This card has a low interest rate in the market compared to other cards. It is very convenient to carry out procedures online through the website from the comfort of your home or office.

How much is the APR rate for purchases and balance transfers from the Citizen credit card?

The APR for purchases and balance transfers will range between 12.99 % and 23.99 % depending on the record of payments that the client takes for the moment, as you cancel your installments, the rate will be lower. For which it is recommended to always have your payments up to date.

Is there an introductory offer to make balance transfers?

To make balance transfers, the Citizen Credit Card offers an introductory APR rate of 0 % during the first twelve months and then from 12.99 % to 23.99 % of variable percentage rate per year.

What APR rate should be canceled for cash advances?

As far as cash advances are concerned, the APR to be paid will be 23.99 % to 26.99 % based on the record of previous payments made by the client. So use and use the Citizen credit card.

What will be the rewards program fee?

The fee will be $ 0, if you want to accelerate the profits, the annual charge of $ 50 rewards can be canceled with 5,000 points of your account.

What are the fees per transaction?

The fees generated by the transaction for the use of the Citizen Credit Card will be presented below:

When making balance transfers, a 3 % charge will be made for each transaction for a minimum of $ 5. In cash advances, a charge of 3 % of the amount of each transaction will be made for a minimum of $ 5. If a transaction is made abroad, the charge will be 2 % of each transaction made.

Benefits of the Citizen credit card

Among the benefits offered by the Citizen Credit Card, we can mention the following:

  • Offers cell phone protection by canceling your monthly bill with your Citizen Credit Card.
  • You can make purchases online quickly and safely.
  • Protection against guaranteed fraud.
  • Emergency travel services and assistance.
  • Insurance against damages of vehicles for rent.
  • Citizen Credit Cards have chip technology, which offers greater security for customers and acceptance in more places.
  • You can access exclusive Visa discounts.
  • You may be eligible for Visa signature with the possibility of obtaining credits of $ 5,000 or more.
  • You can receive bank statements or electronic declarations without paper, through digital banking 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Any suspicious activity is done on your account, you will immediately receive fraud alerts. For this and all the reasons you just read, always use the Citizen Credit Card.

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