Know the credit card Zales Outlet

Know the credit card Zales Outlet at the present time, is among the most recognized firms in fine jewelry with more than 125 stores. The stores are located in the best shopping centers in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Among the products we offer, you can find high quality jewelery, engagement rings, watches, among others. We can also find collections of designer jewelry exclusive to the brand. In addition to the high quality products it offers, we can find out about the Zales outlet credit card. In 1924, Morris Zale, William Zale and Ben Lipshy were the first Zales. They became a successful chain among other things with their credit plans.

Allow customers to pay up to 1 cent with weekly payments of 1 dollar. In 2014 there was a change in the direction of the company, when Signet Jewelers formed a Zales Corporation. It currently operates in more than 700 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. In this way, the market has expanded much more to better serve its exclusive clientele.

Characteristics of credit cards Zales outlet

Basically, it is aimed at people who often buy jewelry, and who want to do it at a lower cost than usual. The high-end jewelery is of high value, so its sales are not frequent. So, when important dates come as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, among others, and want to make a good present. People look for ways to save on jewelry purchases, using their Zales Outlet credit card.

The Zales Outlet credit card possesses a very fair excellent credit score (660+). If you are a frequent buyer of jewelry, you may qualify to obtain it. Since you will get benefits and you will not need to have the full money at the time of requesting a purchase.

It has a standard rate of 26.99 %. But it offers the advantage that it does not generate interest if it is canceled within a period of 6 to 12 months. To qualify for this benefit the purchase made must be at least 500 dollars, this would be a reward.

What are the fees for using the Zales outlet credit card?

The Zales outlet credit card does not generate annual fees to its customers, but when there are charges for late payments. In this case a charge of up to $ 39 will be made. It is preferable to always keep up with the payments to avoid having to pay higher interest for late payment.In the event that any fee for returned payment occurs, the payment would be up to $ 39 likewise. For this reason it is important to keep the payments frequently in the stipulated times.

What are the pros and cons of the Zales outlet credit card?


It has interest-free payment plans for its clients in cases where the amounts are canceled in the first year and with low interest rates. It also does not generate annual fees, which allows its clients to plan their payments easily and conveniently. Since all payments are made under the monthly mode.


They have a very high standard of APR or “Annual Percentage Rate” which makes the monthly minimum payment rates very expensive for their customers. Although this depends on the amount of the purchase that has been made. Generally the amount that we will have to cancel is high.

Review of credit cards Zales outlet

If we are looking to celebrate this holiday season with a good gift. But it is difficult for us to cancel it in cash or in short terms. It is important to study the possibility of requesting this agreement in the Zales outlet chain. The Zales outlet credit card is only accepted at Zales stores, with or without connection. Normally the annual interest rate is very high, reaching up to 27 %. However, Zales offers a couple of attractive loan offers. These allow their clients to request credits for a period of one year or at no cost. You can get a zero percent loan for six months if you spend more than $ 500 and a deposit of 10 percent. You can also get an interest-free loan of $ 1,000 for 12 months.

The 12-month loan requires you to deposit 15 % and pay a $ 9.95 transaction fee. Even so, that’s much better than paying 26.99 % to maintain a balance. 0 % APR does not mean zero payments. Independent of the plan you choose. You must make the minimum monthly payments of 20 dollars or in default of 3 % of your balance.  Whichever is greater, and cancel the entire amount in the allotted time. However, as indicated by Zales, canceling the minimum payment does not guarantee the cancellation of the balance on time. If you do not make the minimum payments, or if you are ever late, additional interest charges will be made.

The rate will be 26.99 %, which goes back to the date of purchase. This is very expensive, so it is recommended to make payments on time. To make sure you’re not affected, pay at least 20 % of the balance each month if you choose the $ 500 option. You can also cancel 10 % of the balance if you choose the largest loan option. That way you will have the balance paid and will not pay any additional interest.


The Zales credit card is a good offer if you want to pay for your purchase over time but do not want it to be charged on one of your other credit cards. However, it will not work if you do not pay the balance on time. It is likely to be approved for this card, even if you have a weak credit.

The prices, terms and rewards of credit cards are subject to change by Zales outlet. Check the card issuer’s website for the latest credit card offers. Or if any changes have been made in the offers or rates mentioned above.

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