How to request an ALPHAEON credit card?

The ALPHAEON credit card is a tool that gives you the ALPHAEON Patient Financing which opens the doors to a fairly wide range of monthly payment options to help anyone be the best possible. That’s why here you will learn how to request an ALPHAEON credit card? And how to apply for an ALPHAEON credit card. Since the ALPHAEON credit card works perfectly for all those people.

The ALPHAEON credit card program has an interest promotion, which is based on the interest charged to the account with an annual percentage rate of 9.99 % up to 23.99 % depending on the credit that the holder of the card you have requested.

On the other hand, all the interest that has been paid is credited to the user’s account if the payment is completed in its entirety before the 12 months have been completed. Loans of interest require that users complete payments within the time limit and that they comply with the terms and conditions of the account.

What is the ALPHAEON credit card?

You already know how to apply for the ALPHAEON credit card, but what is the ALPHAEON credit card? Here we will tell you a little about what it is along with some of its advantages.

  • Through the ALPHAEON credit card it is possible to borrow from 1,000 to 40,000 dollars for procedures that are valued in prices within that range.
  • Loans can be repaid in up to 84 months (which equals about 7 years) to maintain a low monthly payment.
  • Interest rates are low from 8.99 % with an early payment option to avoid interest charges in full.
  • It has a fixed interest rate so that the rate does not change the price.
  • No cost of origination or request and no advance payment fines.
  • There is the possibility of applying and using funds immediately.

How does the ALPHAEON program work?

If you need to learn how to apply, process and execute reports with ALPHAEON, do not worry, since the page has a section in which you can select the date and time at which you can take an online training session.

First, choose the type of doctor you want (you can choose among plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, dentists or cosmetic surgeons), then choose the time of your region and set a date when you can.

After the previous step you will have to fill in all the fields with the requirements that they ask you (name, surname, phone number, e-mail, name of the practice, if you are a funded patient, how much you earn and all the other data that you will have to put ), then you must click on “Complete appointment” to finish putting the appointment, so that you have the place, the time and the date in which you have to go to the clinic you requested, you can also add a reminder of the appointment to Google or your iCal / Outlook.

Where can the ALPHAEON credit card be used?

The ALPHAEON credit card is a credit card that many people use throughout the world, but surely you must have wondered (as many people who do not know much about the subject), Where can you use the credit card ALPHAEON?

Well first, knowing that it is a specialized credit card for all those people who need loans for medical expenses you have to keep in mind that it is specifically for that, they can not be used for other types of payments.

Since it is a card that has medical purposes, it is most likely to be used in clinical premises, right? As plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and that kind of clinical centers. Yes, it is designed to be used in many of these places where they are affiliated with the ALPHAEON system.

The plans that the card has prepared for you (and that you must buy from the platform of the ALPHAEON website) are specific, since there are specialized plans for each and every one of the clinical centers that you can find on the page, which They are plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists and dentists, so that the loans given to you will help you to improve your health and to be a new and better version of you.

What plans does the ALPHAEON credit card have?

The ALPHAEON credit card can be received with different credit plans, which have quite variable prices and you can choose the type of clinical care you want to receive along with the plan that best suits your conditions.

Dental Implant Plan All-On-4

It is a payment plan that can be paid in installments of 533 dollars per month for 72 months, which gives an equal of 28,800 dollars to complete the payment in full. 94 % of customers say it’s worth it.

Cost of keys 1

Payments of $ 119 per month for 48 months, leaving an average cost of $ 4,675 when the payment is completed in full. 87 % of customers say that this plan is worth it.

Cost of keys 2

Payments of 98 dollars per month for 36 months, which gives a total of 3,050 dollars when the payment is completed in full. 92 % of customers say it’s worth it.

D Amon Props Cost

Payments of $ 135 per month for 48 months, leaving an average cost of $ 5,325 when the payment is completed in full. 96 % of customers say that this plan is totally worth it.

D at Cost of Veneers Vinci

Plan with payments of 140 dollars per month for 6 0 months, which leaves a total cost of 6,600 dollars when the payment is completed in full. 60% of customers say that this plan is worth it.

Cost of Dental Implants

The cost is 6,775 when the payment is completed in full, with monthly fees of $ 144 for 60 months. 92 % of customers feel satisfied and affirm that it is worth it.

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