How to obtain real numbers of active credit cards?

How to obtain real numbers of active credit cards is already possible through a credit card generator. Credit cards are a tool that have the simple purpose of allowing people to buy products in businesses that have the services affiliated with the financial entity system at almost any time in a more practical way, along with greater security to save your money without having to own it in cash.

Beside, Through this method you can also accumulate money so that from time to time it is deducted and returned to the lender, which in this case is the bank. On the other hand there are the generated credit cards. These are created through a process that we will explain to you below.

We can say you, that it is really easy to generate them, since the main thing you should know is that they are created by means of a program that you can install on your computer or simply do it from the web. The program is that you can generate real numbers of credit cards that you can verify without any problem. In addition, you can use them to verify online store accounts.

Continuing, although you cannot buy anything because they do not have money. In some programs you must create the bin (the first six numbers of the card) and you can randomly create the expiration date and the CVV2 (code that serves to avoid any type of fraud). In the generator you can choose the type of card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express or any other existing card of any bank, so you should not worry much about that.

What is a generator of real numbers of credit cards?

Certainly, the generators of real numbers of credit cards are a perfect tool for those people who need verification by means of a real credit card because they are valid. You must bear in mind that when you create the numbers of the cards, you will not be creating a card with money in it, since the numbers are fictitious and you will not be able to use them for purchases or transactions, although they can be used to validate accounts or add them to accounts of online stores.

But these numbers, when generated randomly, will generate a valid generation, since it is based on a numerical pattern and a digits verifier, using software programmed specifically for the generation and validation of the numbers of each one of the credit cards. Therefore, with a generator you will know how to obtain real numbers from active credit cards.

Always, the credit cards that are generated by the pages or special software for this can only be used for registration on all types of pages in which the verification of an account is necessary, and will not be used for the purchase or payment of any product (although there are much more difficult processes in which the generation of credit card numbers can be with real money.

What credit cards can be used with a generator?

Of course that,there are many banks around the world, so there are hundreds of different cards. But, when talking about credit card generators, there are certain cards that are the most used because they are the most generated due to their high productivity.

That’s why we’ll leave you a small list so you can visualize the credit cards can be used with a generator (or at least the most generated cards around the world:

  • VISA.
  • MasterCard.
  • American Express.
  • Discover
  • JCB.
  • Voyager.
  • China Union.
  • Enroute.
  • Diners Club.
  • Dankort.
  • Carte Blanche.

All Credit cards, when generated, will always have a unique number or series of digits. That is, the same numbers will never be repeated twice, which makes the method even safer for the use of said credit cards.

What data should the credit cards generated carry?

Such as you know, credit cards are delivered by any type of financial institution, and for these to be delivered you must give your personal information to the entity, so that they can give it to you without any problem and that some of these data come out on the card .

But, with the generated credit cards it is different, so many people who are not experts in the subject ask themselves, what data should the generated credit cards carry? Next we will tell you. Credit cards that are created by generators must have certain specific data. Which are: The CVV code or Verification Value Code. Credit card number.

As you know, that they are usually 16 digits and in some cases they can be fewer digits. Name that the user prefers to use. This can also be created thanks to a fake identity generator that you can find for free on the internet. Month and the year of expiration of the card. You have to bear in mind that the generated credit cards must mark a certain amount of money, so that you can count on a not very high sum of money to make purchases through the web.

The numbers that must be on a credit card Credit cards

All Credit Cards have 16 digits on the main face. Although there are cards such as American Express that have 15 digits on its main face, with four digits per separation. And depending on whether it is VISA or MasterCard they will start with a bin.

These are the first numbers of the card different from the others, since the VISA begin with the number 4 and the Mastercard with the 5. Apart from possessing the 16 digits distributed in the four blocks in its main part.

The expiration date, the name of the owner of the card and the name of the bank are also found. On the back you can find three digits that will work to avoid any type of fraud at all costs, so that they cannot clone your card and use it for purchases that you have not authorized.

Then, That’s why it’s good to keep in mind at all times how to get real numbers from active credit cards, because that way you’ll know how many numbers there should be each time you generate one.


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