How many amex points for a flight?

The American Express Corporation has been characterized since its foundation as one of the most requested and has been one of the successful pillars for the use of millions of cardholders. You only need to know how many amex points for a flight you must have accumulated.

In this way, of course, people prefer to cancel with this card everything that refers to hotel payments and air tickets in order to accumulate points or miles and then redeem them for the acquisition of their next air tickets.

As these accumulated points do not expire, they can be saved for the most opportune moment, but they cannot transfer it to buy tickets for relatives or friends since the tickets purchased with these bonds must be in the name of the cardholder.

With the use of the American Express card you have the great opportunity to accumulate one point for every dollar spent, and this credit card is very well priced in the big hotel chains of the world, as well as in countless jewelries and commercial establishments of great renown worldwide. Virtually everywhere in the world, these points are redeemable for tickets.

The use of this card through revolving credit for up to 60 months, is for people with high purchasing power, which due to this condition can opt of course the global assistance program, used by those belonging to the Membership where you show loyalty to the brand, to know how much consumption should cancel.

It is convenient to remember that the rewards of the American Express cards are obtained cumulatively for each time you cancel with the aforementioned card; and this form of awarding is very attractive generally among the well-off people, because there have even been competitions to see who accumulates more points in the shortest time.

How do Amex points work for a flight?

As you have made payments with the American Express credit card, you have the prerogative of accumulating points to calculate how many amex points for a flight will be used in a vacation trip with the family, so that everyone can benefit of the wonders that this program offers. That’s why you should always take into account

With your accumulated Membership Reward points, of course you can search for flights and international bookings at the different hotels belonging to prestigious chains such as Hilton, Holliday Inn, Intercontinental Hotels and Marriot International.

Just to name a few, where only transmitting via email your intention to stay in one of their rooms and cancel with American Express, your holidays are more than insured, and your reservations will be confirmed with enough time.

You as Membership of American Express knows in detail all the advantages that belong to such an exclusive organization, and of course how amex points work for a flight and how to exchange them, although it is good that you know that the points do not lose their validity nor do they have a date expiration.

From 500 points you can exchange them for cash credit, you can also take advantage of your attitude as a philanthropist and donate some points for a charity, which will fill your life with spiritual peace.

Where can you travel with Amex points?

Here is the big question that all cardholders ask where you can travel with amex points and we conclude that you can travel to all the countries that have signed agreements with American Express, where it is presumed that countries of autocratic court, which are those, that do not allow progress to reach its doors.

Every day the travel agencies promote tourist destinations of great beauty and attractiveness to the Caribbean islands, being the main attractions The Island of Aruba, The Island of Curacao, The Island of Margarita, Dominican Republic, Tobago and Trinidad and of course The Archipelago of Los Roques.

We could not fail to mention the intoxicating and mysterious island of Cuba where visitors enjoy the landscape and the paradisiacal beaches with its white and golden sand surrounded by extensive palm groves, where the clamor of the mountains can be heard in the distance while countrymen delight the ecstatic tourists with their beautiful Cuban music.

In all these places there are beautiful and elegant hotels, lavish casinos, excellent restaurants, splendid jewelers and perfumeries very well stocked with the best fragrances of the world that offer to all pedestrians the merchandise at super affordable prices where the change of the currency gravitates favorably to the tourist, who takes advantage of canceling many purchases with their Amex points by means of transfers.

Now you can buy with amex points

Sometimes there are opportunities to buy with amex points, and that’s why we always recommend those who have this card to be aware of the promotional offers, which include airline tickets if sold by AerolĂ­neas Argentinas, and also tickets to very good price sold by Iberia Airlines, and in both cases the promotional packages include a stay of up to 3 days in half-luxury hotels.

As always, the points policy as a reward or reward to American Express cardholders, is maintained over time and rather every day that passes add more commercial establishments to this type of promotions that keeps many people excited waiting for upcoming auctions of merchandise or offers in order to go out and buy and pay with the accumulated points.

In the coming days is celebrated in the United States the famous Black Friday, where millions of inhabitants of that country are turned to the streets and flood the shopping centers and wholesale to take advantage of the great deals that are made for the pleasure of an audience to buy things to insurmountable prices, in an effort to buy something because that is the order of the day and must be fulfilled.

Transfer amex points

As we have been able to investigate in this regard, on occasion, the Membership points of American Express could be transferred to the frequent-use passenger program of an airline called GOL, whose program was called SMILES; but we remind cardholders American Express, that our promotions to pay with coupons is the same.

In this respect around the world there is a lot of irresponsibility on the part of some unscrupulous hands that make mischief offering things knowing that they will not fulfill them so that in the future the responsibility falls on American Express; who of course solve the irregular situation so that the client does not feel affected. That’s why you should take into account how many amex points for a flight you need on each trip.

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