How does Atira Credit Card work?

Atira credit is a financial services company, which specializes in its good relationship with its customers. You can receive the rewards offered by the Atira Credit Organization. With a series of benefits through your Atira credit card. 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. How does Atira Credit Card work? It is like we are going to explain you next.

What are the benefits of having an Atira credit card?

The Atira MasterCard Credit Card. It gives you the privilege of having a first level card with an excellent rewards program. It offers a large number of security benefits, which include extended warranty too. Also price protection and services of resolution of identity theft and card service 24/7. That’s why it’s good to keep in mind how does Atira Credit Card works?

How long will it take me after sending my application to receive my new Atira Credit Card?

You will first receive the terms and conditions of your Atira Credit Card. After seven to ten business days after submitting your application. Your new Atira Credit Card will arrive seven to ten days after receiving the conditions of your account.

How do I transfer the balance of another credit card to my Atira Credit Card?

The Atira Credit Card allows you to consolidate all your credit card bills into a low interest card. You can transfer the required balance by calling the Cardholder Service at 888.4.ATIRA.1 (888.428.4721). You must make sure you have the billing information on the card from which you wish to transfer the balance, as well as the number of your card.

What is the APR and how to find my APR information from my Atira Credit Card?

APR is the annual percentage rate. This is the amount of interest you see in your account to use the line of credit. There are a twenty days grace period.

Keep in mind that cash advances do not have a grace period. Your APR will be variable, linked to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. To see your current APR, log in to your online account. Please check the agreement of your Atira Credit Card, and the welcome letter for full details of the APR.

What is my line of credit?

This amount appears in the upper right corner of the document sent with your Atira credit card. In addition, your line of credit appears in each of your account statements. You can also log in to your online account. How does it work?  How does Atira Credit Card work? Well, we will see this right now:

How much is my minimum monthly payment?

This amount is the monthly minimum you must pay to maintain your Atira Credit Card account. This is the minimum amount. If you have at least forty dollars minimum. If the new balance is less than forty dollares, then the minimum payment would be equal to the new balance.

What is the difference between a joint account holder and an authorized user?

A joint account holder is someone who is also responsible for the account. The score of your Atira Credit Card is considered when creating the account. An authorized user has the possibility to charge the account, but is not allowed to make changes, such as the request for a credit limit increase or change of address.

The credit score of an authorized user is not reflected in the account. The account’s record has a negative or positive impact on the rating of authorized users. So, you know that.

I have a complaint about a charge made to my credit card, what to do?

If you do not recognize a charge made to your Atira Credit Card, or think you were billed the wrong amount, follow these three steps that we will say you:

First, check your receipts and consult with other authorized users of your card, secondly, contact the merchant where you made your purchase and finally, if you cannot resolve your dispute with the merchant, please contact the Cardholder Service at 888.4.ATIRA.1 (888.428.4721) for assistance.

If I make a trip abroad, can I use my Atira credit card?

The Atira Credit Card will work in most countries. Now days, due to fraud trends, we can restrict transactions in some countries. As a protection against fraud, we recommend calling the Cardholder Service at 888.4.ATIRA.1 (888.428.4721) Number prior to your departure. When traveling abroad, use the direct dial number of 00.1.515.457.5568. The toll-free number will not work outside of the United States. Pay attention do not forget this.

What rewards does the Atira credit card offer?

Atira Credit Card offers a complete and generous rewards program. You can choose between returning cash, items, gift cards or travel rewards, just to name a few. You can also receive double reward points on each purchase during the first few days after opening the account.

How can I exchange my rewards?

Well, first, sign in to your online account to redeem prizes, explore your redemption options and learn more about rewards programs.

What is the MasterCard Secure Code and how do I register the Atira Credit Card?

MasterCard Secure Code is another MasterCard security measure that offers its members online purchases. Please visit the MasterCard website for more information or registration. Since having learned how Atira Credit Card works, everything will be better now. We want to say you that it is very good to maintain a credit line, this will help you to make purchases in everywhere and solve you much of your problems that you can have in every moments. Then try to keep all your credit cards that you have and use them correctly, so you will not have any problems with the banks. Now if you have this one, we mean the Atira´s Credit Card, we ought to say you that you are a lucky person. You only have to follow all the steps that we told you and go ahead, use it right now.

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