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Currently, credit card issuers have greatly reduced the rewards. Instead, the rewards for debit cards have increased in order to spend more and generate higher interest and therefore higher profits. Since the Great Recession, these programs have been very popular among credit card customers. How to do a free search for rewards without the need for a credit card. How to achieve it?

For more than twenty years, credit card issuers offered programs to reward their customers. The wide range of promotions offering incentives to the consumer has been reduced and may not last for long. As indicated by experts in the field, while reducing the rewards on credit cards. Some banks and savings and credit entities begin to generate rewards for the use of debit cards.

Why are the usual rewards programs reducing their benefits?

Some users with years of experience have found different clever ways to get rewards. No need to generate large interests, this leads to the issuing entities lose instead of winning. For this reason they have seen the need to reduce the rewards they offered. Since it is very difficult to maintain an investment if it does not generate a return for the company.

The truth is that some people learned the strategies that the entities that offer credit cards use. In order to increase your income, but every day more people are learning how to use their cards properly. For example, they can cancel the outstanding balances on their card each month and earn all the rewards. No need to cancel the amounts generated by interest on debts generated.

In general, credit cards that offer rewards have higher interest rates than others that do not. There are cards that reach an APR of 20 % and even more, but that gain is generated if the person accumulates the balance from one month to another. If they cancel the entire monthly amount then they do not generate interest. This results in losses for the credit card entities and profits for the consumer.

Which stops making the business profitable. According to reports, credit cards that offer the best rewards can generate up to $ 980 more than others. During the first two years, making it an excellent reason to have plastic. Above other payment mechanisms, but if the rewards go down, there will be no reason to use credit.

Rewards of debit cards. An excellent option at present

 There are currently reasons to look for rewards for free. So people should not depend on credit cards to generate rewards. For this, a new modality of rewards for the return of cash for the use of debit cards is emerging. The rewards program for debit cards currently accumulates about 55 million beneficiaries, with banks participating in it such as SunTrust and Bank of America. You can get benefits up to 5 % on your debit card. Offering the same programs as credit cards. The biggest difference is that you should not worry about the interests you can generate. You can only spend the balance you have in your account. Among other advantages offered by the rewards for the use of the debit card. It’s about the accounts. It is not necessary to make a trade or transfer of balance to enjoy them. This results in a reward. However, we do not have to worry about anything. So it is less laborious.

How to achieve rewards with the use of the debit card?

First, you should check with the bank or savings institution. If they offer rewards programs for the use of their debit card. In case of offering it, conditions should be consulted. Some offer low cash reimbursements but unlimited. Others offer higher refunds but you can receive them in a limited way.

After knowing the rewards offered by the debit card, it is important to know how to make the most of it. In general, the benefits are the same. And in some cases even higher than those offered in credit card programs. What can help reduce the use of credit tools?  And also get benefits for their consumption made.

This is a great opportunity that users should not let go. It is recommended to make sure of the real conditions, that is, to avoid traps. In some cases accelerated purchases are generated, there ends up spending more money in order to obtain rewards. If the budget that we have is respected, and responsible purchases are made, you will enjoy the benefits without being affected.

Clients must be very careful in this particular, so that they are not affected in the short term, having to be forced to pay money for banal things, only for the interest of receiving the reward. Of course, the rewards offered by banking and savings entities are a good reason to continue using plastic. In general, in some cases there are risks when looking for rewards with credit cards.

If for reasons beyond our control we cannot cancel the amount on time, then, high interest rates are canceled. Which can translate into losses for users looking to receive benefits. In exchange for the use of the debit card, there is no risk unless purchases are made above the estimated budget.

For example, if we have a monthly budget of $ 1000 for expenses, we must continue spending that amount, and not exceed the limit allowed for our consumption. The rewards received can be used to enjoy other luxuries or for savings. If expenses are incurred just for receiving benefits, it can happen that we spend more than we receive.

Reason why it is of the utmost importance to know in depth the terms and conditions that they offer with the use of the debit card, in this way we will avoid misunderstandings in the future, and we will be able to continue enjoying our card. So, we animate you to obtain as soon as you can this card to enjoining.

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