Credit Card Authorization Form Template

Having the responsibility of having a relationship with customer payments in some cases is difficult. Only if clients decide to pay for any good or service with their credit card. If you own a business, it must be ready to receive credit card authorizations, but in order to be ready you need to know how to use the credit card authorization form template. On the web there are many options to download different types of forms.

Credit Card Authorization Form Template

In some cases, you need to authorize payments with credit cards by companies. Especially in cases where the merchant does not own the card at the time in their hands. Below are some situations where it is necessary to make an authorization.

The owner is not at the time of payment

The purchase is made through an online order, by phone, or by mail among others. Authorizations can be made verbally or in writing, these are usually used by merchants who do not have a physical store. A typical example of this case is the airlines. In general, companies that do not have a physical store with a point of sale are those that most need to fill out these forms.

Card billing is not done automatically

If a consumption is made, in some cases the charge to the card is not made immediately, therefore, the charge of the amount is postponed to the cardholder. As it is not done at the moment, then authorizations are necessary.

These are generally used by hotels and companies that rent cars. Those who usually also make a temporary initial payment and then can make the full payment. In other cases, an authorization form may also be filled out when a purchase is made of an item that is not currently in stock.

Payments with the credit card are made frequently

In these cases, the customer has already made payments to that address. For what are called frequent payments, for this must be authorized by the owner to be done automatically. An example of this is the monthly payment for services such as electricity, water, among others.

What are the advantages of using credit card authorization forms?

There are many advantages for companies for the use of credit card authorization forms.


When a customer shows interest in a product. Instead of filling out a large number of forms, you will only have to fill out one with all the necessary information. This will save time, both in transactions and in the filling of information. Since the necessary procedures are simplified.

Customer trust

The filling of the authorization form is not just writing on a piece of paper. It is necessary for the client to feel confident in providing their personal data. For this reason, it is important that the chosen form gives the client a sense of commitment and professionalism on the part of the merchant. Getting the customer to agree to give their data is a sign of good management.

Offer security against possible fraud

Whenever transactions are made, there are risks of illicit activities that affect security. But offering an authorization form provides peace of mind for any claim for a refund of a charge made to the unrecognized account.

The latter occurs when the client reports that a transaction occurred that he did not know about. With the authorization form you can keep track of authorized and recognized transactions.

What is the information that a form must contain?

Regardless of the template of the form that you wish to apply, it must contain all the necessary information of the company clearly. In addition to the ones mentioned below:

Personal data of the owner

Names and surnames of the client, the address indicated for the billing of the purchase. In addition to the full contact information.

Credit card information

In this line you must include the type of card, the card number of the front, expiration and the CVV code.

Statement that authorizes the transaction

The names and surnames of the owner, the company or person whom he authorizes to collect, and the amount must be indicated. It must be clearly stated that the client authorizes the company to make a payment for the agreed amount.

Signature and date

The return at the end, must include the signature of the credit card holder and the date. For frequent payments In this case the customer must make payments to this company frequently.

For this reason in many cases it is not necessary to sign an authorization for example every month. In this case, the client authorizes the charges to be automatically made periodically. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, for this additional case it must contain the following aspects.

* Transaction charges.

*   Frequency in which charges will be made to the credit card.

* The time in which the client authorizes that guarantees the frequent payment.

When can reimbursements be requested?

If you want to request a refund of a payment. It is important to verify that the request is made directly to the financial institution that issues the credit card. For this you must take the return authorization form. If a refund is necessary in cash, by check or directly credited to an account. For this case the client must sign the respective statement where he claims to have received the refund.

Are there any rules for collecting information from customers credit card?

At some point there were some drawbacks because the rules changed from one state to another. To amend this problem they came up with standardized standards through the Security Standard for storing data from the Payment Card Industry (PCIDSS). This is done, in order to encourage good practice in the handling of information.


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