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CITGO Petroleum Corporation is a Venezuelan company based in the United States specifically in Houston, Texas. It is mainly dedicated to refining Venezuelan oil and marketing gasoline, lubricants and petrochemicals. It is one of the most important subsidiaries of the Venezuelan state PDVSA abroad. In addition to knowing some features of the products offered, you will be provided with information on how to choose the login of the CITGO credit card.

What types of credit cards does CITGO offer?

Thinking about the needs of each of its clients, CITGO offers personal and commercial credit cards. In the case of personal credit cards, the CITGO rewards card is offered, special for traditional consumers. There are also special business cards for people who operate fleets of vehicles such as CITGO Fleet, CITGO Fleet Select and Citgo Fleet Universal.

How to manage your personal account?

It is important to know how to manage the account after receiving the CITGO credit card. In order to enjoy the benefits offered by transactions from anywhere. Facilitating the process to check balance, make payments, among many other options offered by CITGO through the web. To manage your account you will be offering the corresponding options below.

Choose the username and password for the login of my CITGO credit card

If we are entering the system for the first time, we must first click on the following link Later we will visualize several options, among them enter your account, look for user ID, and reset the password and Register.

You have to follow the steeps, in order to get the CITGO credit card. As we are trying to configure our session, we will click on the “Registration” option located next to First Time? We will indicate to the system that we want to configure our data for the login of our account.

You will automatically redirect us to a new page “Register for online access”. There we will find two blank cells that we must fill with the following information:

Card Number: We will indicate the 16 numbers found on the front of our CITGO credit card or on the account statement.

Postal Code: The postal code data of our city of residence will be placed to facilitate the receipt of personalized invoicing. When entering the aforementioned data, the system will verify the authenticity of the same and will redirect us to a new page.

In this new page we will have the option to choose our user for later login and our password. We must keep in mind to follow the instructions given for each case in order not to present errors.

What do I do if I have doubts or problems to configure my login data?

Inside the link in the upper right corner we will find the option Chat for login or registration help. We will click on the previously indicated option, it will immediately open a new chat window, where we will place the following data:

– Full name: We will place the name as it appears on the CITGO credit card.

– Last 4 digits of your account number: You must indicate the last 4 numbers of your CITGO account number.- Billing postal code: The postal code data of our city of residence will be placed.- Your question: We must note the doubt or inconvenience presented when registering our data.- Click on “Start Chat”: Immediately our question will be sent to the CITGO attention center, so through this way we will receive a prompt response to our request.

How to login to our CITGO credit card?

We will enter the following link en in the option “Enter your account” we will indicate our username and then our password.

If we are doing the operation from our own computer, we can enable the remember user name option. If we are doing the operation from another computer we recommend not to enable it for security of the data of our account. After indicating the requested information, we will click on the option “Secure login.” We will be directed to the access page to our account where we will be able to carry out the corresponding procedures corresponding to our CITGO credit card. 

What to do if I forget my username?

We will click on “search username”. Later we will enter a new page called “Find your username”. We will place the requested data and then click on “Find user name”. There the system will indicate the steps to restore our username.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Select the option “Reset the password”. The system will send us to a new page called “Reset your password”. We will find 3 options, the first “Enter User DNI” the second “Select password” and the third “Log in”.Later we will indicate our username and our postal code indicated at the time of registering for the first time. Then as a second step our new password and finally we can log in to our CITGO credit card.

What services are available through the online CITGO credit card management system?

When performing the steps indicated, when entering the system of our credit card CITGO we can perform the following procedures. In a simple way and from any device, from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

– Review current and past statements.

– Schedule payments.

– Send questions and requests.

– Update your account profile.

– Download reports.

Is there a charge to manage my account online?

CITGO offers you this service for free, in order to facilitate your transactions and access to your account. For this reason you can have access to the system and consult everything related to your account for free. No later charges to our account, no income limit per user, so we can enter unlimitedly. The service will also be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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