Benefits of the Yamaha credit card

We will know all the benefits of the Yamaha credit card. Since this is a company primarily manufacturer of motorcycles. Yamaha was founded in 1887 as a factory of pianos and harmoniums by Torakusu Yamaha. Under the name Nippon Gakki Company Limited in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture.

The origins of this company as a factory of musical instruments is still in the logo formed by three crossed tuning forks. They have also decided to offer products of the highest quality, to facilitate their customers to acquire them. We will know the benefits of the Yamaha credit card.

How can I get a Yamaha credit card?

To obtain a Yamaha Credit Card is very simple. You just have to fill out an application online, or hand in the receipts and wait for approval. All this depends on the entity that issues the credit card, which handle different criteria for each applicant.

Before making the request, you must take into account the requirements requested to qualify to obtain the credit card. It should be consulted which is the issuing entity for each country, then they should consult what are the requirements requested. And then, when we are sure that we have the capacity to obtain the requirements, we must deliver them personally. If we do not want to do it this way we can fill out the application online. Quickly and easily, getting response in a short time.

What requirements do I need basically to apply for a credit card online?

To be able to aspire to receive the benefits of the Yamaha Credit Card. If you wish to carry out the online process, you must indicate the system. First of all the names and surnames of the applicant, secondly the data corresponding to the identity document.

Later we must indicate our exact address, in addition to our email. Finally we must indicate a landline or residential number, and a mobile phone number. By filling all these data we can make the request.

By filling out the application form and accepting the terms and conditions. The bank will look for additional information regarding the level and origin of your income. The existence of personal and / or commercial references, their economic activity, among others.

In the same way, the bank will look for all the information that is stored in the databases. Including any central credit risk, financial, judicial background. When you make the online request, you will receive the response to your request immediately.

Types of Yamaha credit cards

Like almost all credit cards, there are 2 types of Yamaha Credit Cards, the Classic and Gold, the discounts have the same benefits. Regarding advantages offered if there are some differences that we will establish next.

Classic credit card Yamaha

The following are offered for Yamaha Classic credit cards:

– Dealer reference: Unlimited.

– Crane service for breakdown: up to $ 200 per event (unlimited).

– Crane service by accident: up to $ 200 (2 events per year).

– Emergency services (gasoline): Unlimited (Petrol at customer’s expense).

– Track report: Unlimited.

– Telephone legal advice: Unlimited.

– Face-to-face legal advice: Up to 3 events per year.

– Location of spare parts: Unlimited.

– Georeferencing: Up to 5 events per year.

Yamaha Gold credit card

For Gold Yamaha Credit Cards the following is offered.

– Dealer reference: Unlimited.

– Crane service for breakdown: up to $ 250 per event (unlimited).

– Crane service by accident: up to 250 dollars (3 events per year).

– Emergency services (gasoline): Unlimited (Petrol at customer’s expense).

– Track report: Unlimited.

– Telephone legal advice: Unlimited.

– Face-to-face legal advice: Up to 4 events per year.

– Location of spare parts: Unlimited.

– Geo-referencing: Up to 7 events per year.

Monthly interest rates on the Yamaha credit card

The interest rate generated by the use of the Yamaha Credit Card. Which will have to be canceled monthly is presented below:

  • – Monthly interest rate: 2.30%
  • – Interest rate on purchases and advances: 2.30%
  • – Interest rate for international purchases: 2.30%
  • – Interest rate for taxes: 2.30%
  • – Interest rate for unification of debt: 1.45%

What benefits do Yamaha credit cards offer?

As for the benefits offered by Yamaha Credit Cards, in addition to those mentioned above. We can mention the following available for both types.

– Up to 2% discount on new Yamaha motorcycles; 10% discount on technical service labor, spare parts, accessories and after-sales products.

– Exclusive assistance for motorcycles and insurance.

– 3,500 welcome points for the first purchase at Yamaha (within the first six months after card activation).

– For every 4 points accumulates 1 mile of Lifemiles.

– Unification of debts at a preferential rate deferred to 36 months.

– Benefits Plan: For every $ 1,000 in Purchases accumulated one point, which you can redeem in Yamaha’s exclusive catalog.

– National and international purchases deferred automatically to 36 months.

– Cash advances available at any time.

– Easily make the payment of your Credit Card through our payment channels, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is the Lifemiles benefits system?

LifeMiles is the consolidated and improved frequent flyer program for Avianca and TACA. LifeMiles has been designed to be different and better than Avianca Plus and distance, as well as against other competing programs.

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Now when we already know the benefits of these credits cards, we can obtain them easily and start to enjoy from them.

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