As a login to the credit card babies r us?

ToysRUs is a toy company that has been well recognized in several countries such as the United States (E.E.U.U), Puerto Rico (PR) and more than 1,600 stores. But it’s also good that you learn As a login to the credit card babies r us.

It is a credit card (“R” Us) that is used to buy toys and products for children and babies. You should know that for every 3 euros you will receive 4 Bonotoys. These are the points of the credit card that will later be used to exchange them for money or products.

ToysRUs is a brand that for quite some time is in the market of sales of toys for babies, girls and boys, so it is good that they make promotions and discounts so that the happiness of the children is increasing through imagination when using Your favorite toys, and that’s why they decided to take out the “R” Us credit card so you can earn points to redeem them on the website or personally and turn them into the perfect toy for your child or your baby.

What is the baby’s R us credit card and how does it work?

The ToysRUs credit card (“R” Us) is a specialized credit card for the Toys R Us store. You can request this card easily and quickly on the platform of the website of the store. But, what is and how does the baby’s R us credit card work?

For starters, we’ll tell you that the toy company made a promotion for a baby credit card, it may sound weird, but it’s true! It is a card with which you can make purchases or upload them to your account so that every 3 euros (in Spain) you can get 4 Bonotoys, and the more you have, the more rewards and prizes you can have. Every 100 Bonotoys that you have, when exchanging them, will become a toy of 3 euros or 3 euros that will be refunded to your account or they will give them in the form of a check.

Steps to request the R us credit card

If you are a buyer of one of the 1,600 ToysRUs stores you have seen or will have promoted your “R” Us credit card, so that you can obtain the benefits offered by the creators of the card, and if you happen to want this card we will leave the steps to request the R us credit card below.

If you want to apply for the “R” Us credit card, the first thing you should do is access the shop’s website and click on the “R” Us card image, then it will direct you to a page where you can See some benefits and advantages of the card just like a little more about it.

When you have read you should go down and click on “Request the Card”, you will be redirected to a page in which you will have to place the following information in order to proceed with the application of the “R” Us credit card:

Personal data that you must give to request the R Us credit card

  • Document.
  • Name of owner.
  • Surname.
  • Second surname.
  • Sex.
  • Birthdate.
  • Phone number.
  • E-mail.
  • Regular mobile number.
  • Secondary mobile number.
  • If you are a woman, you must indicate whether you are pregnant or not.
  • Approximate date of the baby’s birth.


  • Number of children.
  • First name.
  • Sex.
  • Birthdate.

Details of the address what you should give to request the credit card R Us

  • Country.
  • Province.
  • Population.
  • Type via.
  • Exact location.
  • Number
  • Appendix.
  • Postal Code.
  • You must indicate if you wish to receive your Bonotoys in the form of a letter, text message or e-mail.

After having completed each and every one of the fields necessary for the application of the card you must place a captcha code and then read the terms and conditions and then accept them if you agree with them. When you finish all the previous steps click on “Send” to complete the application for the credit card “R” Us.

Rewards offered by the R us credit card

The “R” Us credit card offers you different advantages and rewards so that you can acquire any product from the wide range of toys and products that you promote in each of the ToyRUs stores.

By obtaining the credit card “R” Us you can have certain advantages such as the accumulation of Bonotoys, which are checks in the currency of your region and that can be deducted from the purchases you exercise, something like a discount. That’s why you always remember how to log in to the baby R’s credit card.

The more purchases you make, the more Bonotoys you will get, as well as the fact that you will be sent to your home at least 4 times a year, where you will be able to see the credits of your account set on a date before the shipment.

For every 3 usd that you spend on the store’s products, you will receive 4 Bonotoys that you can accumulate with a limit of 66,799 Bonotoys, plus the checks you receive will be 3 euros for every 10 Bonotoys you have in your account.

When you obtain the “R” Us credit card, you will have certain exclusive promotions such as discount coupons in the online or physical store, ticket promotions, extra points that can be attributed in specific promotions and double Bonotoys at the moment of the purchase of products that have this promotion.

Children who are registered and between 3 and 9 years old will be congratulated for their birthday, they will send you a 3 euro voucher and you also have the possibility of a 20% discount on future purchases as well as getting free invitations for the birthday party.

Manage the rewards of the R us credit card easily

One of the functions of the credit card “R” Us is the ability to manage the rewards that are given to you, since you can easily check your points or Bonotoys in the web page platform and see without any problem your amount of points so you can exchange them and use them in your purchases.

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